School Technical Support

Electrical Contractors EssexElectrical Contractors Essex

  • Backstage and Technical Assistance

A & P Electrical Solutions can help make your school performance a success whatever the size of the show.


Lighting, sound and sets can greatly enhance a performance and involve more students into the experience than just those that enjoy performing.  We can provide support to these technical specialisms by providing training and assistance to both staff and students to make this possible.


We can also help during your GCSE and A level drama, theatre studies and performing arts exams either to provide you with backstage services or to assist students who wish to partake in the technical side of a performance.

  • Sales and Hire

When purchasing entertainment equipment we can guide you with the best advice of equipment that is within your budget and that will suit your needs depending on the types of performances your school stages throughout the academic year.


We understand that investing in entertainment equipment can be costly so we can hire equipment at competitive prices and give you full support during the hire.

  • Repair

We understand that replacing equipment is not always an option within a schools budget so we will do our best to look at your broken equipment and fix it wherever possible.